City of Grand Junction March Snow Survey Results

March Snow Survey

The monthly snow survey for March shows snow levels and water content still below average.

The snow survey taken on April 3 in the City of Grand Junction’s watershed on the Grand Mesa is showing a slight drop from the averages of this time of year in snow depth and water content. The snow depth is showing 83% of average for this time of year, and water content is 88% of average.

The full results of the survey can be found at:

Winter weather is not quite over yet, as evidenced by the snowstorms that moved through the state yesterday. The cold temperatures have also helped delay the spring snowmelt, unlike last year’s unusually early and warm spring.

However, the entire Grand Valley remains in a Stage 1 Drought, with voluntary watering restrictions in place. Water has begun filling the canals and laterals, and some homeowners have even begun watering their lawns. If you can delay your watering until the temperatures heat up, you can also avoid frozen sprinkler lines when the temperatures drop below freezing as they did the last two nights.