Grand Valley Drought Response Plan

The Drought Response Plan is based on two stages of drought, each of which is triggered by either a combination of the historic user pool projections, water provider storage, or stream flow projections.

Stage I Drought –  On-going intensive water conservation  – Conditions are similar to 2002 and 2012 drought,  but no real impacts to area domestic water providers; Statewide drought conditions may or may not exist that affect area irrigators. Some voluntary water use reductions anticipated.  Actions undertaken involve predominately sharing water supply.

Stage II DroughtAt least one of the four water provider’s supply is at or near minimum target levels for either storage or stream flows requiring drastic water conservation measures to ensure water needs, for the most essential uses are met for all Valley water customers. Mandatory water use reductions and a drought rate imposed.

Currently the Grand Valley is still under a Stage I Drought situation. The Drought Response Information Project (DRIP) placed the Grand Valley under Stage I Drought in June of 2012. For additional information you can view the entire Drought Response Plan or contact your local domestic water provider.

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