July DRIP Tips



When you see “Flo” in your neighborhood, remember that’s a sign that a water saving commitment has been made:

“Flo” the Flamingo represents a Grand Valley resident that has made the commitment to make a personal effort to reduce the amount of exterior water used.  This reduction commitment can be installing and maintaining a xeric landscape area or can be as simple as to reducing turf watering to once a week.  Remember, simple steps can reduce your exterior water use and move you towards your goal of “slowing your outside water flow”!

The Heat is On:

With temperatures consistently in the upper 90s, when your turf areas start turning a hazy blue-green and tend to crunch beneath your feet, it’s time to water!  When watering, check the depth of water soak by pushing a screwdriver tip into the soil.  If it penetrates easily to a depth of 4” to 6” then you have watered long enough.  With clay soils you may need to split your watering times to let the water slowly soak in.

Kids and Water:

Avoid recreational water toys that require a constant flow of water. When the kids want to cool off or play with water, use the sprinkler or water toy in an area where your lawn needs it the most.  Put that water to good use!  

Cool down your Garden:

Mulch your gardens to keep the soil cool and retain moisture.  Don’t water just because your vegetables are wilting.  When roots are hot the plants are unable to take in moisture.  Check the moisture content of the soil before watering.

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