2016 Children's Water Poster Contest Winners

Water is Life

Congratulations to this years DRIP poster contest winners! Each year, the Drought Response Information Project (DRIP) sponsors the children’s poster contest, and this year’s theme was “Water if Life”. DRIP appreciates our local artists help in recognizing that water is one of our most valuable resources. Each artist was recognized for their creativity, water conservation, knowledge, uniqueness, relation to the theme, and artistic abilities. The individuals will be recieving season passes to Lincoln Park Pool. The remaining posters are being displayed on rotation in the lobby of Ute Water Conservancy District.

2016 Poster Contest Winners


2015 Poster Contest Winners


Did You Know

Did you know that the water you drank this morning might have been the same water a dinosaur drank millions of years ago? Or it may have been the same water that supported Columbus’ ships on the sea. There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there has always been. The water keeps moving around in an endless cycle called the water cycle. Water itself is the only substance that exists in liquid, gas and solid form – the keys to the water cycle.

Here’s how the cycle works: Water evaporates from oceans, rivers and lakes (water in its liquid form) and rises into the atmosphere (water in its gas form) where it condenses to form clouds. Precipitation then falls to the earth in the form of rain (water in its liquid) or snow (water in its solid form) where it flows into oceans, rivers and lakes and the process begins again.