Photo showing employee taking a Snow Survey in the City of Grand Junction watershed

Latest Snow Survey completed February 1, 2013

Every month throughout the winter, the City of Grand Junction conducts a snow survey to measure snow depth and water content in their watershed. The ¬†last survey on the Grand Mesa was completed on February 1. Snow depth levels are now at 98% of average within the City’s watershed, thanks to some January storms. There are still three to four months of winter season yet to come, so those numbers, while encouraging, will not tell the full story yet.

Other watersheds are still experiencing very low snowfall and water content levels, however, throughout the state. The most recent information can be found here.

We remain in a Stage 1 Drought with voluntary watering restrictions in the Grand Valley. The Drought Response Information Project, or DRIP, encourages the public to be mindful of water use and continue to use water wisely in their homes and gardens.

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