Spreading the Word

As Flo and the Flock get ready to kick off year number two, spreading the “conserve water” word, we wanted to remind everyone to be on the look out for bright pink flamingos.  Flo will be all over the Grand Valley again this summer.

A typical flamingo flock is only several dozen members. Flocks of up to a million or more have been recorded!  We don’t want to be the typical flock.  Join the Flock.   “Like” us on Facebook  


 Friends ballooning around at the Fair 2015

Flo at the Fair

                          Fun at the Fair 2013

flo 2013

  Random Flo Fun  

Filthy 5k 2013

                                 Filthy 5K 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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