Water Providers Publish Consumer Confidence Reports

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) requires that all water utility providers publish an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  This report is used as a resource in educating water consumers on the quality of their water along with general information about their water provider.  The Grand Valley water providers routinely test and monitor your drinking water in several stages including: at the source; before, during and after treatment; and in a number of testing stations throughout the distribution system.

The CCR summarizes information regarding: our source water; the susceptibility of our watershed to contamination; if any contaminants were detected; potential health effects from each individual contaminant; along with contact information.The information in the report is for the previous twelve months of water quality monitoring.

 We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to access the complete 2012 CCR on your water provider’s website. Historically, each water provider mailed their customer a complete multi-page CCR, in addition to posting it on our website. The requirement of how water providers distribute the CCR to customers was recently changed in legislation. This change allows water providers to post and distribute the CCR electronically which saves money and protects the environment. If you have any questions about your CCR or how you can obtain a hard copy, please do not hesitate to contact your individual domestic water provider.

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